How Does This Work?
Eagle Contracting Services offers electrical estimator services on a per project basis. With times as tough as they are right now, hiring an additional estimator/project manager may be 'cost prohibitive'. However you still need to bid work with a quality estimate behind your quote.
Eagle Estimating consists of state licensed electrical contractors with each estimator having over thirty five years experience in the electrical contracting business. Our experience with l00's of millions of dollars in projects bid, from the smallest of projects to projects exceeding $25 million or more will guarantee you a fast and accurate estimate.

Let Eagle put some of that experience to work for you-

Click "fee Schedule above to view our pricing schedule for your review. It is most probably a third of what you would pay for a full time estimator.

Just think; no car, no sick days, no bonus, no payroll taxes, and the best part - no lost time.

Since bidding work is only one of the three processes successful contractors follow to win work, if wanted, we can help you with the other two.

The other two processes are:

1.  Pre-Bid Nurturing - Spending time and keeping in touch with your
     preferred general contractors prior to bid. Your wasting your time and
     money if we are bidding to contractors who do not know who you are.

2. Post Bid Follow Up - Contacting the general contractors we bid to
    for follow up purposes. If they do not think that you are interested they
    will give the work to someone who is.

Let's get together and talk about bidding the work that you deserve and know you can do.

Thanks from your
Eagle Team
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